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Zip code:511430

Address:Room 5, building 101-103, Xinxing square, Dashi street, Guangzhou, Panyu District


Guangzhou keytex automation equipment Co., Ltd is a Japanese built and Mitsubishi, Nitto Corporation, ACE Corporation, GOAL lock company jointly funded completed a comprehensive Japanese gating hardware professional companies. The company formally established Incorporated Company in 2007. Since its inception, the company has been committed to the introduction of Japan's most advanced and branding gating hardware products and technology China, for domestic enterprises to provide the free consultation, design support, on-site installation, technical guidance, free training in accordance with the Japanese management style, to customer service tracking, maintenance services such as a complete the service system, so as to meet the growing internationalization of the domestic customer demand.

In 2008, our company began to promote home decoration door control hardware, is China's first promotion of home decoration intelligent door control professional company. A series of magnetic levitation kitchen automatic door series, magnetic levitation automatic door series, household folding automatic door series, new high-grade manual door series and so on have been introduced. Home decoration security, humanization, intelligence has been our company to consider the theme.

Our company's main products are:

NITTO center crane door closer (the world's most heavy-duty door closer, the highest load-bearing 1600KG),

NITTO Automatic Regression hinge (the highest market share of automatic door hinge),

NITTO door closers (with which can support 250KG of the world's most severe sliding door closers);

GOAL all kinds of locks (with the world's most advanced 7 level management system, 24 marbles, high safety, good durability);

KEYLEX pure mechanical cipher lock;

DIA diamond spring (the highest durability in the world),

DIA super heavy center hinge and eccentric hinge;

MICOM automatic door series (MICOM automatic flat door, MICOM magnetic suspension automatic door, MICOM digital display automatic door EDM-MD, MICOM automatic folding door, etc.);

ALTEC small radian sliding door;

PLUS hardware;

KEYTEX concealed cross hinge;

KEYTEX various nursing homes, nursing homes, intelligent humanized door hardware and so on.

ACE ozone generator and so on

Because we take Japan's advanced quality management system, attentive service concept, rigorous and realistic style of enterprise internationalization operation mode, so it widely won the full trust of customers at home and abroad, has been widely praised by the industry scope. A large number of national landmarks are offered by our products, such as China CCTV new building, National Museum, Chinese Chinese National Conference Center, Yan West Lake National Convention Center, the G2O summit in Hangzhou, APEC International Conference Center in Xiamen, the bird's nest, the Shanghai Expo Center Hall, the Shanghai World Financial Center, Guangzhou West Tower, Guangzhou East Tower, Shenzhen stock exchange Macao, Guiyang public security, Dream City Exhibition Center, Department of Guangdong Province, Beijing Century Internet, Guangzhou Metro Line 6, Shenzhen Metro Line 3, Kunming subway; our products are also used in hospitals, such as Beijing, Hainan, Beijing 301 Hospital, 301 Hospital, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Tianjin TEDA, Wuhan Tumor Hospital, Zhongshan University hospital, Guangzhou City People's Hospital, children's Hospital of Guangzhou City, Zhongshan, Hainan Second People's Hospital, Hunan, Hunan Ya hospital, Beijing Friendship Hospital, Zhongshan People's Hospital, Shenzhen People's Hospital, Wuhan children's Hospital, Shanghai No.1 People's Hospital, Shanghai No. 6 People's Hospital, Henan Province People's Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Heilongjiang Provincial People's Hospital, Hubei Provincial People's Hospital, Hunan Children's Hospital, Kunming Military General Hospital; also used our products in the hotel project, such as Crowne Plaza Guangzhou City Centre Hotel, Baiyun Hotel, Garden Hotel, China World Hotel, Asia International Hotel, Huizhou Crowne Plaza Hotel, Crowne Plaza Hotel Paragon Xiamen, Xiamen Le Meridien Munich Hotel, Xiamen Xiangshan, Wuhan White Rose Hotel, Macao ROCK Hotel, Macao Crowne Plaza Hotel, Macao city of dreams, Guangzhou Four Seasons Hotels, Chang'an Hotel Dongguan, New World Wuhan Hotel, Dongguan three The positive half Hotel, Hainan Culture Hotel, Sanya Kempinski Hotel, Hotel Nikko Guangzhou, Shanghai Park Hyatt Hotel, Guangzhou Carrie global hotel; high-grade property is agile, the Pearl River Star Evelyn, Xinghewan, Jinxiu Xiangjiang, Baoneng Taikoo City, Boland mansion, Boland apartments, Shenzhen one square center, Shenzhen Bay 1st, peninsula city are useful to our products.

Because we are professional, all being chosen by the customer; because our credibility, so we trust value; because the top production enterprise gating hardware all our hardware are from the famous Japanese, so we are many pro Lai design company. The company has been developing rapidly in a short period of time, has set up branches in Shanghai and Beijing, and has partners in the first tier and second tier cities in China, and gradually covered the nationwide sales network and service system.

KEYTEX(GZ)AUTOMATION CO.,LTD all rights reserved.

Address:Room 5, building 101-103, Xinxing square, Dashi street, Guangzhou, Panyu District  Zip code:511430

Phone:020-34798031 020-34894761 020-39939092 Fax:020-39939095 Customer service E-mail: hlj_wwf@163.com You are the 0000007285Bit visitor

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